Our ‘radio-style’ presentation

The action, story and wit of this play are almost wholly in the dialogue, with audiences eagerly awaiting every word of the, often caustic but sometimes emotional, exchanges between each of the characters. It lends itself perfectly to this style of presentation.

Instead of Willie’s apartment, our set will be a stage set up as if for a live radio broadcast. Whether  you close your eyes and allow yourself to believe you are at home listening to the radio, or if you watch the actors, the characters will transport you effortlessly through the four-week story line; from Willie’s New York apartment, to the TV studios of CBS, and back again.

The venue

The play will be performed in the Salle Multicultural in Passais-la-Conception. This is the same venue in which we presented our dual-language pantomime in 2019.

However, for the pantomime we set out almost 400 seats, taking up the whole of this huge auditorium. For the enhanced enjoyment and comfort of our audiences, The Sunshine Boys will have a very different auditorium set up. Utilising the gradins (tiered seating) together with a small number of floor level seats, we will bring you visually and audibly close to the action, whilst always observing social distancing prerequisites.

Consequently, we will be limiting each performance to just 100 tickets, which must be purchased in advance.

Tickets will go on sale around 1 November, with details being announced sometime during October. We suggest you buy early to avoid disappointment.

Our next production is - Notre prochaine production est

The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon

Neil Simon, playwright

Neil Simon (1927 – 2018) was an American playwright, screenwriter and author. He wrote more than 30 plays and nearly the same number of movie screenplays; mostly film adaptations of his plays. He has received more combined Oscar and Tony Award nominations than any other writer.

His first produced play was Come Blow Your Horn (1961), which ran for 678 performances on Broadway. It was followed by two more successes, Barefoot in the Park (1963) and The Odd Couple (1965). He won a Tony Award for the latter. It made him a national celebrity and "the hottest new playwright on Broadway”.

The Sunshine Boys

Neil Simon’s two act play The Sunshine Boys premiered on Broadway in 1972, bringing Tony Award nominations for Neil Simon, the two stars, and the director. It has been performed many, many times, including a Broadway revival in 1997, and in the West End in 2012 when it starred Danny Devito and Richard Griffiths. The 1975 feature film version starred George Burns and Walter Matthau, with a later film adaptation in 1996 starring Woody Allen and Peter Faulk.

The play

This is a classic comedy, with the original stage script containing some of Simon’s cleverest and funniest dialogue.

The play's protagonists are Al Lewis and Willie Clark. Lewis and Clark were once a successful vaudeville comedy duo known as the Sunshine Boys. During the later years of their 43-year run, animosity between the partners grew to the point where they ceased to speak with each other. Eleven years prior to the events of the play, Al retired from show business, leaving Willie struggling to keep his career afloat.

Willie’s nephew Ben is also his theatrical agent. Ben has the unenviable job of trying to persuade Willie (now an old man struggling with memory loss) to meet up with Al once more to perform their famous “doctor and tax collector sketch’ in an upcoming TV special for CBS. Getting Willie to agree will arguably be Ben’s most demanding challenge, both as his agent and his only surviving relative.

Tickets on sale from 25 October

online sales only