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The Sunshine Boys

Our ‘radio-style’ presentation

The action, story and wit of this play are almost wholly in the dialogue, with audiences eagerly awaiting every word of the, often caustic but sometimes emotional, exchanges between each of the characters. It lent itself perfectly to this style of presentation.

Instead of Willie’s apartment, our set was designed as if for a live radio broadcast. Whether  you closed your eyes and allow yourself to believe you were at home listening to the radio, or if you were watching the actors, the characters  transported you effortlessly through the four-week story line; from Willie’s New York apartment, to the TV studios of CBS, and back again.

Our Decembre 2021 production - Notre production de décembre 2021

The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon

FTC reste attachée à l'inclusivité, mais cette pièce de théâtre n'est disponible qu'en anglais. Notre prochaine production sera soit en français, soit en deux langue.